LGA775 stock cooler...

...this thing feels strange. I just built my first system with it, but those clips or whatever kinda fooled me there.

I cleaned the stock thermal paste with Arcticlean, then applied a small layer of Arctic silver Ceramique, installed stock HSF, booted and got around 90C!! I hadn't fastened the damned retention clips correctly.

I then uninstalled HSF and reinstalled. There was a good amount of thermal paste on it, it just wasn't placed right.

It just feels like AMD's S939 or AM2 sockets are a little more intuitive, doesn't it?

On a side note, should I have replaced the thermal paste (because I reinstalled HSF)? I think not, but that might be because I'm too lazy. Well, it's probably still way better than the stock thermal pad...

Oh, and BTW, I'm now getting around 46 or 47C BIOS temp if I leave it in the BIOS menu for long. Is that OK?
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  1. I agree, those cooler are a bit tricky, you just have to make sure the grooves on top of the clips are facing the heatsink before you install, my bios reading is 35c, and i have a new cooler coming and am going to oc this beast to at least 3.2, as far as should u have removed and re-applied the thermal paste, maybe, but i dont think it matters
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