Black Screen of death.....

Dell Inspiron laptop, working fine, shut itself down last night mid work and now will kind of start up but only go so far. am left with Black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left hand corner. Managed to get f8 to work after a while. It runs the pre-boot system assessment build 4116 - everything gets a "pass" except The hard drive which gets a "running". All memory tests "pass" also. After this it will go no further, no more screens.

Is running windows 7....

F2 and F12 will not work either so cannot start in safe!

Any bright ideas??

TIA :hello:
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  1. This seems to be a problem of your hard drive. There could be a bad sector. Have you got another HDD ?
  2. When you turn it on, do you get the DELL splash screen or does it go straight to a blinking cursor?
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