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I have bought most of my stuff and now I'm trying figuring out if they actually fit each other.

I have:

Case: antec 900
Mobo: ECS nforce4m-a (3.0)
Processor: AMD athlon 62 x2 4200+
VGA card: BFG geforce 7600 GT OC
PSU: Rosewill RP500-2
memory: Corsair xms2 1gb

I am 90 % sure that all of them fit each other except the PSU. I saw it has 8 pin CPU power connector instead 4 pin which is on the mobo. I hope someone can help me determine if they fit each other.

Thank you !
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  1. That PSU has a 20+4 connector, that fits the power connector on your motherboard which also has a 24 pin connector. Your web link also shows that PSU has a 12v 4pin connector. That plugs into the 4-pin connector that is by the keyboard/mouse inputs on the motherboard. The 8-pin CPU connector isn't used in your circumstance, and the 6-pin connector is a PCI-e connector for a video card that might require that type of power.
  2. thanks a lot !
    Now I can buy that PSU without worry =) !
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