Two computers, two sets of speakers, 1 room?

Hi everyone,
I am building a new gaming computer with 7.1 surround, but I'd like to keep my workhorse with music and productivity around for the time being with its 2.1 setup. Aside from the logistic problems of handling 9 speakers and 2 subwoofers, is there any problem with having speakers in close proximity?

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  1. :lol: give it a try, lmao...
  2. well if ear drums aren't an issue... i guess there shouldn't be any problems. The electric company would love you, though i wouldn't be too sure about your neighbors...

    Ok, in all seriousness, there shouldn't be a problem unless you're playing the same note for an extended duration on all your speakers. Due to the wave nature of audio, you may get some quiet spots in the room where the waves cancel each other out. Other than that, its really just pleasing the ear drums and, more importantly, neighbors.
  3. I have 5.1 gaming and 2.0 music sets hooked up to my high end PC and one cheap stereo set hooked up to another PC (internet/word) in the same room.
    All working fine
  4. Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. Got my sound set up and it's working great. I did have to move the old 2.1 speakers next to the other monitor, because it was really disorienting to have the sound originating from the "center" monitor for things I was doing on the one off to the left though!
  5. In my computer room I have two sets of 5.1 speakers set up. they are side by side kinda ( its hard to explain, but imagine a large desk with 2 rigs on it.), and another set of 2.0's 4 feet or so to my left. Even with all of them playing you should still be able to tell yours apart. They work fine, but if your playing games that make alot noise like bf2 i suggest you be in the same sever. It can get confusing when two people play the same fps but are in different servers.
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