coolmax psu - have you used one? god or bad tell us!

I used 6 coolmax psu's from 2/05 till 6/5 - they all failed - the last one croaked a few months ago! Most were the 550 model.

Anyone else have problems with coolmax?

or have you had one a long time and its good?
than you!
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  1. I got a coolmax 400 Watt (Pfst!...) Power supply free with a Cooler Master case on Newegg. I build a Rig with it and sold it to a client of mine. It would spontaniously reboot he put up with it for a few months but wanted me to fix it before wannanty was up. I went to replace the mother board with my old but beloved Asus P4C800 Deluxe cause that was the same Socket it would not boot. That Darn power Supply Was BAD! I replaced it with another Coolmax 450 Watt. Now it works Fine and I have switched to SeaSonic Power Supplys.
  2. i am keeping score! Tell your coolmax horror stories or tell us they work great!


    coolmax 0 seasonic 1 silverstone1
  3. Quote:
    The only Coomax PSUs i recomend you'll find listed in the PSU Reference List (US). Only there CTG models are worth mentioning. All there other models are sub par.

    i second that, i use ctg-100 and CUG-700, both are good and no hiccups. i really like th CUG modular design. shinny and very quiet. i would recommend this for HTPC built
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