Need wireless help please!

Hi all,
I just finished building my new pc and am trying my hand at wireless for the first time. Here's what's going on:
I installed my WRT54G router using the setup wizard with no problems. I also changed the SSID from the default to another name and enabled WPA with a new assigned preshared key.
Next I installed my pci adapter on my second desktop and Win XP Pro (which I'm running on both) saw the card and installed it. However from there it isn't going according to the book:))...
My second PC does not see any wireless network that I can connect to. I'm not sure what settings to mess with in the router so I thought I would post here for some help first. I'm also running Norton's Firewall on each pc and have tried disabling it but the other desktop still does not see the network. By the way both pcs also have the same workgroup name.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Sorry I forgot to mention (It's been a long day) that the cd that came with the pci adapter card won't run at all. I also tested it in my main pc. When I try to run the setup program the outline of the setup screen flashes on the screen for a moment and then goes away. I can seem to get it to run at all. Would this be the problem you think?
  2. Did u mean that u r not getting any signals at all from the router to either comps or is it that u can not do the setup and not share files..

    If u can't see the wireless signals at all, try changing the channel# and also check if there is any option like broadcast SSID or some thing of that sort in router setup.
    Try resetting the router once..

    or call tech support
  3. Changing channels would have little effect. First thingy ou need to do is turn off any encryption you have running, in your case WPA. Get your devices associated without any layer of security, then build once communicating. Broadcast SSID will/should be on by default, so as long as you don't have any SSID hard coded into the client device that is a non-issue. A hard reset of the Router/AP is not a bad idea.

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  4. Might wanna try ipconfig then ipconfig /release then renew in a command prompt window. I am just learning about wireless but that has helped me in times of need. Good luck

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