CPU Fan Facing....

Hey guys I have a Delta efb0612hha fan heres one in this link http://www.xxera.net/EFB0612HHA.html on a x86 Family model 8 AMD 1800 mhz processor. For some reason my pc over heats alot and starts to freeze, crash and sometimes restarts. Should the fan be pushing air out the processor or onto the processor?
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  1. oh ok thanks
  2. if you take off your door and it solves the probem - your psu might be too small

    if you think its the cpu - check the bios of use mothe board monitor to get your temps
  3. Are you sure its the face of the fan? I would suspect the heatsink is not sitting properly on the CPU, or there is too much or too little thermal paste. Check your heatsink first, then the rest.
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