Radeon X1950 XT for AGP??

I found this, I think it's in Russian, but you can make out the numbers and the box clearly states it's an X1950 XT.


I guess now it's the fastest AGP card to date, anyone think there's any chance it'll make it's way to America?
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  1. Im guessing its fake, the cooler on the 1950xt in that pic is made by sparkle, its on there 8800gtx.


    And if you look at the box it says 1950xtx, not 1950xt. Although the second x looks fake.
  2. Theres one coming out from gecube. I already posted it last week http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/AGP-isn-dead-ftopict225317.html
  3. Well, i stand corrected.
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