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First LCD monitor, game visuals driving me nuts

Last response: in Components
February 27, 2007 10:25:40 AM

So I bought my first lcd monitor yesterday, Samsung 940bw. Response time is great but when it comes to the look of games, the little pixel blocks are driving me nuts on the edge of straight edges. Is there any way to improve this? Or some sort of different monitor I can get instead? I've heard suggestions with HDTVs.

Eh and while i'm at it I might as well ask about my old CRT monitor. It had been great for gaming but text and everything was really fuzzy (it was like it was projecting the words twice in a slightly different spot) and I was wondering if this was repairable, then on my other old CRT monitor, the bottom of the screen was starting to fold upward (sounds kinda weird, looked like having clear paper, and stuff drawn on it, and it folded over on the bottom ). But it was limited to the bottom of where the projection gun was shooting and was bouncing back up I guess. So say the start button and bottom bar etc were upside down and overlapping part of the desktop.

February 27, 2007 10:32:59 AM

Turn on AA in your gmes and that should smooth things out.

I tried turning AA on the highest settings and it's still got the same blocky look.
February 28, 2007 8:39:46 AM

You have to play games on a Lcd with its native resolution .

Otherwise it can give you the blocky effect. :D 

what res are u gaming in and which particular game . Some games cannot be played on a wide screen monitor . 8)