Slow wireless broadband connection compared to wired network

The setup

4 Pc's

3 Wireless (all XP)
1 wired

10Meg NTL Broadband via a Cable modem not set top box.

Routed Using a NETGEAR WGR614 (54G) fixed in g mode.

The problem
full rate broadband available to the wired section of the network (8-9Meg), however on the wireless side only 4Meg is available.

All computers have 54g wireless cards and have been forced into g mode only. all other detected wireless networks in the area are using different channels. The network is secure and signal strength is 90% on all computers.

I really have no idea on this one. I upgraded to 54g due to maxing out the broadband connection on my old belkin 11b router. I have since been through a Linksys 54g and a bellkin 54g router trying to solve this problem. I am absolutely stumped as to why we can't get any more than 4 meg over the wireless. Incidently this was the maximum speed we got on the 11b router. The only thing I can think of is that i'm missing either a setting on the router or in XP.

I really would be gratefull for any suggestions as this is driving me nuts.

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  1. Have you tested the wireless throughput with only one of the wireless computers powered up?
  2. Yes I have, I have tried all the wirelss PC's on their own with no other load on the network. One of them is a laptop thats used about 5 feet from the router and generall has a solid 100% connection.


  3. How are you measuring your wireless connection speed?

  4. The most reliable method I have been using speedtest. Other realworld :) test have been trying identicle downloads from a test server that I know the relative speed and routing for In general the downloads also show a maximum download speed of around 600Kb per second where as on the wired network the dowloads reach 1000 -1200 Kb per second

  5. Is there any way you could measure the speed between 2 wireless PCs?

  6. hmm I don't really know, the only time I've ever tested speed between two pc's over a network has been using Ping from the command prompt. As you'ed expect in this case its reporting below 1ms trasfer rates for 32 byte data lumps, which isn't very usefull.

    I will look into this a bit more and try to find some software that can give me some accurate cross network speed test info.


  7. Guthy:
    Did you finally solve your problem?
    I'm experiencing exactly the same issue (7-8 Mb wired; 3-4 Mb wireless) and I'm very stunned at that.
    Yesterday a guy from the ADSL technical support got 7-8 Mb wireless connecting his own laptop to my router!, so it seems clear the issue has to be on my 2 laptops (by the way, located near the router).
    I've updated the drivers, but no results.
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