Cannot start Superfetch

I recently found that the prefetch service wasn't working. When i tried to restart it, it gave me Error 2:the specified file cannot be found.

I did a Procmon analysis, and i've concluded that after running the command Query Directory C:\windows\prefetch\*.pf and finalizes with a NO MORE FILES signal, it instantly begins shutdown procedure.
To test what would happen if i removed all .pf files, i went into the folder and deleted files, leaving the .db's and such. Then, i went to start Superfetch, and it worked. Looking into the same event, this time the command gave a NO FILES EXIST signal. Afterwards, it started initializing Prefetch normally.

Although it works in the short term, if i stop prefetch, and start it again, it gives the same error. This is not profitable as restarting the system only results in prefetch not working, requiring a prefetch folder purge, which defeats the purpose of Prefetch.
I couldn't find any other reason as to why this is happening.

I run x64 bit ultimate Windows 7, HDD, not SDD, and 4gb of ram. No viruses, no malware.
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