How to get Wireless Access in Homeless Shelter?

Hello. I live in the basement of a homeless shelter. I am not allowed to have a phone line or cable line installed in my room. I'd like very much to have internet access for my desktop. I'm disabled and live in a bad neighborhood, so going out to the library isn't always easy. Can anyone suggest to me how I can get online? I really don't understand wifi, but am wondering how to set up or subscribe to such a service.

Not sure if this info comes in handy, but my cell phone does work in my room. It's a T-mobile pre-paid. My old verizon didn't work in my room. Is it possible to use my cell phone as a modem?

My computer is about 2 years old- e-machine.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Hello. It's me again :D

    I saw the reply to the man in the service barracks and thought it might be my answer, too. Went to a Verizon Wireless store today to buy the suggested equipment, but the greeter explained that it was only for laptops.

    Just wanted you to know I'm really trying to help myself and will really appreciate any pointers you can give me.

  2. It will work on a desktop computer, but you need to add a PCMCIA (also called PC Card) adapter, like this one.

    Don't expect Verizon cell phone sales people to know anything about computers.
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