Wondering if this overclock is logical...

possible components:
-Asus P5N-E 650i motherboard, or a Gigabyte P965 DS3
-Core 2 E6600
-DDR2 800 Dual Channel kit
-Good cooling(ex: tuniq tower)

(these are just general components I'm throwing out to go along with overclocking numbers)

Would this overclock have a chance at working...

-an FSB overclock from 200 to 400 MHz
-memory in a 1:1 ratio which would let it reach roughly the 800mhz rating
-the core will be roughly 3.6 GHz (9x stock E6600 multiplier)

I mean, it all seems easier said then done, but am I hitting any roadblocks or limitations with this general setup?

And, are there any other recommendations and ideas that could be thrown out other than this? Maybe higher FSB, higher rated memory, lower multiplier...

I'm going to be building a new computer REALLY soon, and plan on doing some overclocking, so I'm looking for all the insight I can get.

This is going to be a computer that is going to be on roughly 24/7 (might turn off once and a while) so I'm looking for stability here.

-For another side question, considering this computer is going to be used a lot, 3.6 GHz might be asking too much to have constantly. When I don't need all that power, can these motherboards unlock and lower the multiplier to maybe 8x? (which would make it 3.2 ghz)
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  1. ive seen some guys use the gigabyte for some good overclocks but im not so sure that the 650 board will get to where you want. you may want to look at wusy's guide to overclocking the c2d and see what he recommends.
  2. DS3 will take you to 400 mhz no prb.
    800 ram should take you to 3.6
    Processor should be able to hit 3.6
    Buy a good PSU.
    Make sure to have good case air flow.
    You might not need the tuniq tower but it should do well for ya.
    So long as heat is low and you pass stability tests(prime95,memtest etc)
    Your OC should be safe to run all the time 24/7/365
  3. Temperature will be your biggest obstacle. That mobo and processor will do 4GHz+ but unless you have a very good (water or better) cooling solution you wont be able to. Even at 3.6GHz a Tuniq will have a rather hard time keeping temperatures down enough to be stable unless you really take the time and effort. You'd have to lap the IHS and Tuniq and then get some really top of the line TIM, some Shin Etsu X23, which is better than AS5.
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