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I realize this may not be the best place to post for router help, but honestly I don't know where else to look for troubleshooting assistance, as Linksys' technical support has been less than stellar.

I connect to my internet through Cox, and have a 7mbps high speed cable connection. I have two computers hooked up to the internet via a Linksys BEFSR41 v4.1 router.

My issues are as follows;

My computer is the one I cloned the MAC address of in the router settings. Whenever my PC is off, and the second PC is turned on and attempting to use the internet for anything, the connection is dropped roughly every 30 seconds until my PC is turned on. This happens even when the second PC is attempting to do nothing other than surf the web or chat via AIM.

Whenever I attempt to start up World of Warcraft (WoW) on my PC or the second PC, or start up WoW on both PCs at the same time, my connection drops roughly every 30 seconds and continues to drop every 30 seconds even after leaving WoW/getting booted. When I'm surfing the web, this problem does not occur, unless I've run WoW prior. The connection dropping issue only stops when I reset the modem. The same thing happens when attempting to play F.E.A.R. Online.

Whenever I attempt to run P2P software on either PC, the connection begins dropping every 30 seconds, and will continue to drop every 30 seconds even after the P2P software has been disabled.

I have the ports forwarded correctly in the port forwarding section of the router settings.

All software on both PCs is up to date in terms of drivers and firmware.

The router firmware is up to date with the most recent firmware available via Linksys' website.

I've contacted Linksys five times now, and each time the problem persists.

The software I'm attempting to use which seems to cause constant dropped connections is World of Warcraft, F.E.A.R., and uTorrent.

When I connect a PC directly to the cable modem, I have no issues whatsoever.

The settings I've attempted in the router settings are as follows (and each time I get the same exact result);

MTU Disabled

MTU Enabled @ 1500

MTU Enabled @ 1490

MTU Enabled @ 1480

MTU Enabled @ 1470



DMZ Disabled for the first PC

DMZ Disabled for the first PC

WoW required ports forwarded

WoW required ports not forwarded

uTorrent required ports forwarded

uTorrent required ports not forwarded

It should be noted that, for whatever reason, when I do not forward the correct ports for WoW I still get disconnected from the game and have sky-high ping. However, when I do not forward the correct ports for uTorrent, I do not get constant dropped connections, or any dropped connections, but my download speed is capped between 20kb/sec and 30kb/sec.

I've had the same issues with the Linksys version 1.04.06 firmware (the factory default for the router), and the 1.04.09 firmware (the updated, most recent copy).

The router is roughly three months old.

Any help at all is appreciated, or if anyone could steer me toward any websites that could help. Thank you very much in advance.
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  1. I forgot to mention my static IP information...

    The first PC has the static IP information as follows...

    IP Adress:

    Subnet Mask:

    Default Gateway:

    Pref DNS Server:

    Alternate DNS Server:

    The second PC is exactly the same except its IP is
  2. Bump!
  3. It almost sounds like the router is overheating and dropping your connections, besides that. It sounds like the router is not cloning the MAC address properly.

    I would try another router.
  4. Are there any cheap (sub $60) routers you could recommend that are good for P2P and gaming?
  5. I have the wrt54g V2.2 i love the thing, if you want to change the firmware you will need to buy the GL version. the newer wrt54g have a new firmware, non linux based it = junk.

    Also did you try a new ethernet cable?

    ya never know.. i work at a campus with spiffy testers so i dont get do the plug n guess.
  6. If you are running P2P you need a good router. I have 2 8ports VPN Business class routers, $200+. D-link and Netgear both make good routers. eBay is a good source to pick thing up cheap. I only paid $125 for a New FVS338 Netgear router. At the time these were selling for over $300. I would spend the extra money for the gigabit ports. I would not go a wireless router, I prefer the AP to be seperate. That way it can be positioned to cover your whole house easier. The router chart is a good source to compare performance. Stay way from any 11n or MIMO hardware, save your money.
  7. not be be a bastard but


    Are there any cheap (sub $60) routers

    regardless your only as good as your isp.

    what ya need it options, and functions

    thats why i chose the lil ol wrt54gl... (sub $60) more or less...

    anyway i would go with gig also but i don't have a gig nic or the network for it
    (just laptop and desktop)

    The router chart is a good source to compare performance.

    He = Right
  8. Look at Toms Networking Cheap router guide. The only problem is none of these have been tested for durability or reliablity. I use to recommend Linksys till they changed from linux firmware. Actually the wired only routers have less of a problem. I would pick either a D-Link or Netgear.
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