Add a port to a 5 port switch

If i were a crazy fool, and wanted to attempt to add another port to one of my dss-5+ D-Link Switches, is there anywhere, forums or otherwise, that anybody knows about where i could go to inquire about the possibility and methods through which this could be done

i figure, with my limited knowledge, and high quantity of crazy foolery, that it must go up to 8 port, because it would be dumb for d-link to make an entirly separate design for 4, 5, and 8 port switches.
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  1. I don't understand your question. Do you mean you want to add an additional RJ45 port? Why not just get another switch?

  2. You may very well be correct that the basic electronics inside is the same for all of D-Link's low end switches. However, with the low cost of these devices, you'd spend more on your additional RJ45 connectors than you would just buying another new switch! (Well, not quite, but your connectors will be about 50¢ each, and this doesn't count anything to mount them to.)

    But, if you just want to have fun, (and don't mind the risk of destroying your switch), have at it. Let us know how it goes!
  3. yeah, essentially, fun, i have 2, and if i can get it working to add a port to 1. ill just connect the 2 switches together, to have essentially an 10 port

    i opened it up, and it looks as though the circuitry is in place, but there were some weird black boxes, so i typed the part number into google and got this Schematic, which i can make very little snese of, so i need to find a forum where i can talk to people who do, as tomshardware is more people geared towards computer hardware
  4. Quote: i typed the part number into google and got this Schematic, ...
    That's a data sheet for the isolation transformer at each port connection. There will be one per port. Have fun! 8) Don't let the smoke out of your switches! :lol:
  5. yeah, there is a big one to serve 4 of the ports and then one of those on the last port, indicating that at least the 4 and 5 port ones are the same
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