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I heard that the 8800gtx will run hdr and aa if the settings are enabled in the nvidia control panel rather than in the games option (oblivion). Is this true and if so is there a way to check (while in game) if the hdr and aa are workin concurrently.
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  1. You could manualy set the AA in the Global driver settings under the performance and quality settings, in the nvidia control panel.
    then just enable HDR in Oblivion. Then HDR would work for sure.
    +You get to enable higher AA setings if you want.
  2. Cheers will see if it works when i get home
  3. I had a heck of a time trying to get this to work in Oblivion when I got my 8800GTS.

    I did what I was supposed to, setting HDR to on in Oblivion, and turning off AA in game.

    I always have my Nvidia Control Panel set to enhance any application settings but it still wasn't taking.

    I had to delete my oblivion profile and re-add it before it would work. Not sure if it was a bug or something just wasn't set right.

    There is also a program called nHancer that makes setting profile and global settings a little more understandable and easy, though it isn't a whole lot different.
  4. Hey
    I tried enabling hdr in oblivion settings and aa in the nvidia control panel and i pretty sure it worked as my framerate went from about 50 to about 20 lol
    I was running it at 1280x1024 16xqaa 16xaf hdr vsync though i have heard that there is a big difference in frame rate between quality aa and normal aa
    will find out tonight maybe.
    Oblivion looked awesome but only if you stand still
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  5. I played Oblivion today at 1680x1050 with 4xAA 16xAF HDR and Vert Sync and it was very smooth.
  6. what does v-sync do exactly?
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