STrange windows 7 / XP issue

OK here goes a little novel of my problem.
ON last Monday my Windows 7 failed and was not recoverable, it would sit at "starting windows" and not move even after 8 hours at work!
So I decided to install it again, I got windows 7 installed again and it booted fine for about 3 or 4 times and then did the same thing, I decided to give windows XP a try, the first 3 times to install the install screen for windows XP said something like "Unable to detect Hard disk..." and was not able to install (the hard disk in question is a WD 1.5TB SATA Drive) I turned the computer off for a few minutes and then tried again, now I have windows XP installed, But every time i change From one thing to another, say from nero to vlc, or between tabs Windows take a very long time, some times it takes a few (5-6) second to change between tabs, and to open up system information it takes between 5-12 seconds.
NOW when I go to install windows 7 it takes about 8 hours (another work day) to get to "Expanding files ... (12)"!
SO the BIOS said there was an issue with my C drive installing Windows XP and Windows 7 wont install under 8 hours!
SMART for the drive and WD own tool said the drive was fine, whats wrong with my computer.
Im thinking the HDD maybe dodgy or the Motherboard.
PS// I have tried 4 different Disks on windows XP and Windows 7
AMD Phenom II 550 unlocked to 4 cores and OC to 3.8GHz (tried it at 2 coes and stock speed and still the issue occours)
MA785GMT3-2dha Motherboard
1.5 TB HDD
24 inch monitor
Saphire 5750 Video Card
KB, mouse, speakers...
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    Based upon what you have said I would be inclined to blame the SATA interface. Have you tried connecting the hard drive to another SATA port?
  2. I installed a 320GB HDD and installed windows 7 on another sata port maybe you are right
  3. pjmelect may be correct, but I am more inclined to believe that the HDD is defective. I know that SMART hasn't been tripped, but I have found many hard drives to be defective and SMART wasn't tripped. Go to the link provided, download the ZIP file and run the western digital datal lifegurad diagnostic. Run the extended test and see what the results are.
  4. There is also an option to download a bootable .iso if it takes too long in windows, due to the issues you are having.
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  6. It turns out one SATA port is indeed faulty
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