Need help figuring out what psu for this rig..

Im a bit confued with the psu 101 tutorial so im asking some help figuring out what Amps and watts would I need to power my rig..

OC either a E4300 at (3.2Ghz)or a E6400 at (3.6Ghz)
1 IDE HD and 1 sata HD
1 DVD/CD burner
1 Floppy
Gigabyte DS3
Scythe Infinity
2 sticks of 1gig ddr 800
2 12cm fan
1 8cm fan
Radeon X1900 Gt and will update to a DX10 card when prices lowered

So again how much amps and watts would I need to power this up?
I saw a couple of PSU that sounds promissing pls take a look at it and tell me which one is worth getting or if all of them are rubish direct me to a psu thats capable and easy on the wallet :P
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  1. thanks for the fast response and for the quick lecture.
    will look at your reference list (crosses fingers) hope theres a rebates on this prices :D
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