Future 1k build check up

Hey all,

So I'm not going to be building this immediately but I would appreciate all your help so that when I do buy the parts I don't mess anything up :wink: I'm not planning on over clocking, because i don't trust myself not to send my rig up in smoke. What I'm hoping for is a system for around 1k that'll be used 25:75 between home theater use and gaming. I'm just waiting for prices to take a drop (whenever the next round of parts comes out). I know that a much better system could be had, but I'm trying to balance price and performance on a limited budget... being a non-profit worker sucks sometimes :D

Case Centurion 5 (almost a gimme now-a-days :P )

Mobo Gigabyte 965P S3 LGA 775

Video card 8800GTS 640MB (From what I've been reading, this is all I'll need)

PSU ePower 550W

Processor Core 2 Duo E6400

RAM GSkill 2GB (2x1GB)

Hard drive Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB

Optical Drive LITE-ON DVD/CD

:!: Power supply: Not sure if this will pump enough Ws... although the parts you see here and an XFi Gamer card are all the parts I'll pry ever have.

:!: Mobo: I would really like a fire wire port but I"ll take performance over a port any day.

Any other thoughts or opinions are very very appreciated. And a pre-thank you to everyone who posts, you're saviors to those of us who don't have the experience or know-how to build decent systems.
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  1. Hi there,

    first off, make sure for the hardrive you get a 7200.10 not a 7200 as the 7200.10 is a new kind than the 7200.

    As for the PSU, if you are on a budget get a FPS Group PSU, its a budget and a pretty decent psu as well.

    for the CPU I would recommend on a budget get a E6300 its a pretty good OCing CPU.

    Everything look good. Enjoy the new build. :)
  2. 8800GTS need 400W 26A. 8800GTX 450W 30A. It'd best to get one that leaves you room for future video upgrades:

  3. looks good

    only thing I might suggest is go for an e6300 but get an after market cooler, then run that sucker at 3.2ghz easily
  4. So I've been doing some more looking into my part selection and I have a couple of concerns about my build...

    :?: Is the PSU going to deliver enough power to juice my 8800GTS? I read the specs of the card and it said it needed 12V@30A and when I read over the outputs of the PSU the 12V only gave 20A. I assume that means that I need a PSU that can output more amps on the 12V cable.

    :?: The Mobo that I have selected has a little note at the end of the specifications stating that it only works with memory with timings of 5-5-5 or 6-6-6. The RAM I selected is timed at 4-4-3-5. Will that matter? Will the mobo just slow down the timings automatically?

    :!: The more I think about things the more I think I need to swap out my mobo. Is SLi the way of the future? Because if so I would want a board and PSU that could support that move later. The current mobo won't handle it and I would also like a mobo with firewire. Any suggestions for what I could get?

    Thank you all for your help already.
  5. I used to have the mentality that bigger wattage was always better. How wrong I was. Amperage is as equally important as wattage. Good thing all nVidia cards list the power requirements on the sites or the packaging.

    No problem with lower timings. You can set them manually in bios.

    SLI is for bragging rights. 8800gts can handle games pretty well. One card produces less heat & requires less power than 2 cards, usually. When you get one for sli, you wait & wait & wait until you can't find another one to complete the setup. Either buy 2 cards right away or don't.
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