What can i upgrade from a Nvidia Geforce 9100

Hello, I own a Hp pavilion P6214y desktop. I want to use my computor for gaming but this 9100 isnt good enough, i want to upgrade but i dont know what gpus have the same power supply and # of pins, can anyone help me? Thank you.
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  1. for any good gaming graphics card you most likely have to upgrade the power supply too since your computer only has a 300W PSU

    I would get a 600 - 650W PSU plus any video card you like
  2. Thank you, and im sorry for all the dumb questions, but what exact PSUS and GPU would be affordable and them be compatible and fit right into my computer, like has either 12 pin or 6? thanks again for the help
  3. what is your budget?
  4. not very much, i dont want to spend hundreds on a gpu and Power, but i need something a little better to play newer PC games, maybe $100? i can spend a little more if need be though
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  6. and they will fit in fine? thank you very much! i cnt tell you how much i appreciate it
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