Question about fan settings on the 8800gtx

I live in a extremely hot climate and just wondering if someone can help with the direct fan control option on the 8800gtx, everytime I reboot my computer it resorts back to default settings is there anything I can do to keep my settings?, so I don't have to change it everytime I reboot.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Sorry your question seems to have been neglected thus far...

    ...Since I am unaware of a workaround for the issue you speak of, that is likely why there haven't been any responses yet. Just letting you know that I hear you (and bumping this back to the top of the queue). I certainly hope someone has an answer to this question. Until then, I can only suggest the obvious things, such as adequate space for the pc to circulate air (don't cram it in a corner) and ensuring the pc is relatively dust-free.
  2. Get Rivatuner. On the top half, under where it lists Nvidia 8800gtx there is a customize button. Click customize and then select the first icon. There should be a place to set the fan settings and let it apply the settings at start up. If its not there, just check on all the icon things in the top half. I noe for sure it is there.

    Get Rivatuner here
  3. Rivatuner is way to go.

    Low-level system settings

    -Check mark on - Enable low-level fan control.
    -Fixed 100% move the bar to 100%.
    -Check mark on - Apply fan setting at .............
    Thats it.
  4. Thanks alot for the help guys it's much appreciated
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