help! is it the psu?

hello! this is my first post here, and i am having trouble with my computer:( here are the system specs:

amd athlon x2 5500+ dual core
2 gigs ddr2 800 patriot memory
asus m2r32-mvp motherboard
ati radeon x 1900 xtx 512mb
asus 52x32x52x cd-rw/dvd-rom
rhycom 650watt powersupply
seagate barracuda 400gig sata2 hdd

allright, here's the problem. i turn on my computer, and all the fans run, light up, the fan on the video card runs, i can open/close my cdrom, but there is no output to the monitor and it seems like it doesnt startup. everything is connected. now, i had this problem when i first built it, and i messed with the power wires and reconnected them and it started up and ran fine for two months or so. now, after i moved and restarted it, boom, same problem i had right off the bat, but this time i cant get it to work. very weird. now this 650watt power supply by rhycom has 30amp rails and for the +12volt rail it is 25amp. is that not enough for the vid card? it seems like maybe it doesnt have enough power. that is my thought anyway.. i am not sure. also.. i believe i have all the case LED's connected right, but my power light does not come on, and my hard drive activity light never works. AND the light on my CD-ROM always stays on, unless it's being read it'll flash but then just stay on. i believe if i disconnect my cd-rom my power indicator light will stay on, but the hdd light still never flashes. is this all tied together? also, now my USB ports on the motherboard dont work! they give out no power. normally my keyboard would light up blue right when i turn on the computer, now nothing. also my cell phone charger would charge my phone, now it doesn't, so there is no power to the usb ports. weird, huh? do all the screws on the motherboard need to be tightened and filled to properly ground the mb? i am missing one screw, i dont know if that would do it or not. also, my power supply did not come with a pci-e power connector so i am using two molex into one pci-e connector to run the card. it worked before, i dont know what happened. sometimes the two red lights on the vid card will light up(t_Fault and ext_pwr), but most the time they do not light up. if anybody has any idea how to fix this problem, or has any insight, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated. i put a lot of money into my comp and i dont want to put a good machine to waste:) thanks!
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  1. is this your PSU? Rhycom 650W
    Not sure you have all the leads you need for your system, it does not say anything about dual core just XP
  2. thanks for the help. i took out the vid card, started it up(sounded like it got to the login screen) turned it off, put in the vid card, and it all started up and is running fine. i am definitly going to get a new psu, and yes, that rhycom 650 is what i have. i need more power;p apparently. i'll get right on it. thanks guys:)
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