Has anyone else noticed that Vista wants more volts to boot?

I've got my rig in my sig dual booting XP and Vista. It runs fine with my current settings in Win XP MCE. If I decide to fire up Vista to check for any relevant updates, it won't boot unless I bump the CPU voltage up.

So my assumption is not only is Vista a resources whore, but now it wants more power just to boot.

Has anyone else observed this behavior?
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  1. no - but it does slow your systems and require more resourses - more volts?

    u mean more amps?

    no thats not why - it could be alot things - bios auto configurations - thats weird! I have to think about this.
  2. Maybe its showing that your OC isnt actually stable at that voltage.
  3. Vista is far less tolerant of errors, I think that may be why. In XP my PC has no problem passing a 24hr stress test at 3.6GHz. It wont even boot in Vista those same settings...
  4. Which means vista will increase component lifespans by lowering OCs :D
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