Cheap SSD SanDisk Professional CF Extreme IV

I want to make a striped raid with 2 SanDisk 4GB Professional CF Extreme IV
cards with an sata adaptor I think it would work Iv been looking for a cheap ssd for a while I was going to go with the i-ram but its to expensive for what you get.Anybody have any experience with this?

interesting link

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  1. Im going to get 1 card working with the sata adaptor first and see if its going to work since Iv had no replys I can only assume nobody has done this or wants to :roll:
  2. Interesting idea. Hadn't really occurred to me, but if you can get it working, I'd like to hear about it.
  3. Im ordering the bits ,if 1 works Ill post it then try for 2 in the striped raid Ill also post the price as well should be interesting
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