E6300, Scythe Ninja Rev B, GigaByte GA-965P-DS3 TOO HOT!!!

Hi all,

Hoping someone here can help me with my issue. Just built a new system (see specs below). Been a longtime AMD user and just switched over to the "dark side". :D The huge overclock potential won me over.

My issue is related to the temps I'm seeing whenever I overclock. At idle, I'm seeing temps in the 42-45 range. I'm using Intel's TAT to monitor temps. From researching around, the consensus is that this is the most accurate tool for core temps. When I full throttle the cores using TAT, the temps climb into the upper 60's, usually topping off at 70. I've also been monitoring the temps on my GPU and they seem on the high side as well. The idle temp is usually 70c and goes into the mid 80's when playing a game.

Doesnt seems like I'm pushing the CPU too hard. My friend has a similar machine and he only hits high 50's at full load. He's at 3ghz with those temps. It's very puzzling as to why his temps are so low. There are three main differences with our configs - videocard (x1950xt 256), psu (silverstone Element ST50EF) and case (antec solo).

Anyone have any clues to why I'm having these high temps? I've already lapped my stuff and redid the mounting. Could my PSU be the problem and causing my components to run hot?

E6300 @ 2.8ghz
vcore - 1.35
Mem + 0.2v

System Specs:
Intel E6300 (lapped with 600 and 800 sandpaper)
Scythe Ninja Rev B with 120mm fan (lapped with 600 and 800 sandpaper)
Mounting system modded with springs and machines screws
Arctic Silver 5
GigaByte GA-965P-DS3 Rev 2 F10 BIOS
evga 8800gts 320mb "superclocked"
Creative Audigy 2
1 74GB Raptor
3 300GB Maxtor 7200rpm
1 400GB Seagate Barracuda
Liteon SATA DVD Burner
OCZ Modstream 520W PSU
Antec P160 with Tricool 120mm
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  1. It is running a bit hot, but not dangerously so. Are you running the fan at ful RPM? If not, crank it up. since you lapped the cpu and hsf, are both of them mirror smooth now? If thats the case switch to Arctic Silver Ceramique, silicon based thermal pastes work better then as5 when the cpu is lapped. Something would have to be really wrong with your psu for it to cause high temps, if that was the case your system would probably be dead already. Dont worry about the gfx card, then run really hot.
  2. I have a similar system but with infinity. I'm running at 3.2 GHZ and only sometimes i could see de temps reaching 60º.

    First of all I recomend you to read woozy's guide since you have the same cpu and mobo.

    second, I'm sure you can lower the cpu voltage to about 1.25 (that will help with the temps).

    And the most important thing is to make sure the cooler is perfectly installed and that those temps are the real ones. try coretemp (I think that's the name, check it at woozy's post:

    If you can't find it, i'll give you the shortcut when I get home. It's called something like guide for 3+ GHZ to Core 2 duo 6300
  3. Woozy? :) I believe its "Wusy".
  4. Out of curiosity if you open your case do the temps remain this high? What is the ambient temp in the room?

    Those temps do seem awfully high to me for that setup, but you do have a lot of heat generating devices in the case, so I was thinking you may not have enough fresh air flowing through the case to cool all of that gear down.

    5 Hard drives... are they blocking the flow into the case from the front? I am not to familiar with the P160 layout but I just looked at some pics of an empty case and it looks like with 5 drives you could effectively build a wall behind the case fans.

    I had a similar temp issue due to poor case flow, when I took off the side panel the temps dropped considerably. Reorganizing my case to allow more flow resolved it.

    There may be more to it as well, but case flow is the foundation of cooling so best to start there.

    What are your idle temps?
    (edit: just noticed you had posted idle temps)

    To me 42-45c at idle is way too high assuming you have a room temp of 20-25c. You can expect a delta in the temps to be 20c from idle to full load, so if you can get your idle temps down to a reasonable level you may have solved your issue.
  5. apt403: tried turning off the fan control in the bios for full speed on the scythe fan... doesnt really help all that much. think speedfan read 12k rpm or so.

    really dread having to buy more things to get this stupid ninja to perform like i've read in reviews. so far, i'm less than impressed.

    rojito: i picked my components based on wuzy's guide. i've been following it along with a few other guides. they mostly have the same info.

    i do need to play around with the voltages again.

    coretemp definitely reads lower than TAT. it just seems as TAT is more accurate. it's made by Intel for OEM's.

    00h00m: with the side panel open, i see a drop of 3-5c

    I do have a front 120mm fan which is disconnected. it generates a lot of noise and i mainly use it only in the summer.

    idle temps after the system has been used for a little while hovers around 42-45.
  6. If you hadent lapped the IHS and HSF the AS5 might have performed a little better, but on a mirror smooth surface AS5 isnt the way to go. How much paste did you use? If you used to much or to little that could account for the high temps.
  7. My temps at idle are even a bit higher than yours (OC @ 3.2 ghz) but my case is near the furnace vent.

    I can't get CoreTemp to run AT ALL in Vista, so I've resorted to TAT. It seems a bit higher but I can't tell for sure. However, sitting idle in BIOS for awhile shows temps noticeably lower than in TAT, so I'm not sure what to make of the disparity.

    I know that some programs display temps ON the core and some display ABOVE or NEAR the core, but I can't find which program is which. I would assume TAT and BIOS would be the same, but apparently not. So which is "more" correct? I don't know. I just make sure my OC temps @100% load both cores doesn't go past 60c on TAT and I figure I should be fine..........

  8. I've read that lapping it was the best to do. removes the concave surface. I definitely noticed it as I was sanding it down.
  9. I did the same with my heatsink......was definitely concave. I could see it from the marks on the edges of my thermal paste when I pulled it off the CPU.
  10. according to wuzy, the delta between idle and full load should not exceed 26c.. i'm right near the danger zone.

    the biggest issue is why my friend is able to achieve 35/55 with his setup. it's baffling why we would have such a difference in temps when out gear is so close.
  11. Bad batch of CPU. 95% of C2D overclock fine, the other 5% not so good.

    Or you didn't install the CPU/Thermopaste/HSF properly.
  12. Hmmm.. i hit 2.8ghz easily... even pushed it to 3.2ghz once but lowered it due to high temps.

    if it was a bad chip for oc, i dont think i would get those frequencies.

    the mounting is very secure. i redid it last nite using machine screws and springs. got the mod from here:

  13. Use a straight edge to check the flatness of to heatspreader and heatsink. Remember to always lap on a piece of glass so you do not create an uneven surface.
  14. one more bit of info... my friend is getting those temps from an unlapped cpu/cooler...

    i want to sneak into his house and swap out the mobo/cpu/hs combo :lol:

    adam, i guess i'll give it another shot... really hate disassembling and reassembling my machine.
  15. My friend used to put an ice cube tray with ice cubes in the bottom of his case.

    Not so sure how great of an idea that is =P
  16. LOL.....I was instead tempted to ghetto rig a flexible tubing to the outside through the window, to feed cold air into my case.....decided the moisture might cause problems ;)
  17. thanks for the suggestions... i have somewhat a working solution now...

    found my northbridge was getting insanely hot (too hot to touch). mounted a 50mm fan on top using a zalman throttle control for noise and the machine is rock solid @ 2.8ghz. going to continue testing.

    as of today, my temps are 39-44 range at idle and mid 50's using orthos and prime. if i use intel tat, the temp jumps to low 60's.
  18. Quote:
    At idle, I'm seeing temps in the 42-45 range. I'm using Intel's TAT to monitor temps. From researching around, the consensus is that this is the most accurate tool for core temps. When I full throttle the cores using TAT, the temps climb into the upper 60's, usually topping off at 70.

    jerrycurls, As closely as I watch the temperature threads, sometimes one gets by me, so I appologize for not catching yours sooner. Thank you for the information. You covered everything except ambient temp. It seems that everyone is only looking at half the picture.

    Some users also may not know that C2D's feature 3 temperature sensors; a single on-die Tcase sensor (between the cores), and dual Tjunction sensors (one within each core). Consequently, there is much confusion regarding specifications, calibration offsets and test methods, so results can be difficult to decipher and compare...

    Your CPU temps are relatively normal. Please read the following Sticky for information regarding appropriate temps:

    Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide

    Hope this helps.

    Comp 8)
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    He's Pro.
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