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I get a corporate discount at ViewSonic so I was comparing these 2 monitors. With the exception of the height adjustment, what is the difference?

What i did notice, is the display type is different.
What is the difference between these WXGA+ and SXGA+?

Can you suggest the best 19in widescreen viewsonic monitor for me to buy?

Thanks for your help in advance
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  1. What are you using this monitor for? Gaming, photo editing, video editing, ect.
  2. Mostly gaming. I wont play any FPS. Mostly games like Vanguard, WoW, EQ2, Warcraft 3 and such.
  3. In that case get a VX922, best gaming monitor out there right now.
  4. Well, I looked at that one (only $200 for me btw as opposed to 260 on NewEgg). However, I was hoping to get a widescreen.
  5. Well there i cant help you, i hate widescreen monitors.
  6. Quote:
    What is the difference between these WXGA+ and SXGA+?

    SXGA+ is for resolutions up to 1400 x 1050.
    WXGA+ is for resolutions up to 1336 x 768.

    Do you really need the speakers in the monitor? Please tell me you're not going to use them 1.5W cannons for gaming! Anyway, this one is the same as the VA1930wm but without the speakers and for $50 less (from Newegg) and with a $40 rebate which would probably put it around what you might pay with your discount anyway. If I had to have some speakers in my monitor, I would go with the VA1930wm for the higher resolution and the slightly higher brightness.
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