I Hate Dell

I have owned Dell computers for over 10 years. just this year I replaced 3 laptops and a desktop unit. The desktop unit has been service twice, but still has not been working right for several months. My administrative assistance has spent 6+ hours on the phone with tech services/customer service or whatever it is called when you are shuffled from one person to another, can't understand the person you are talking to, and/or have an onsite tech twice and the unit can't be fixed. At no time could I reach anyone above a first level supervisor to discuss my issues.

The tech just left this am and he recommended a new unit, which Dell says will send. However, Dell reps are unwilling to guarantee less than 7 days delivery -- even though our system has been down for nearly a month due to all of the delays, the run around, etc. What ever happened to overnight delivery???

Dell's customer "service" has just lost them a faithful user. I won't be buying a Dell in the future. I hate Dell.
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  2. Quote:
    Dell reps are unwilling to guarantee less than 7 days delivery -- even though our system has been down for nearly a month due to all of the delays, the run around, etc. What ever happened to overnight delivery???

    These resentments, they are but the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of your sabre

  3. Agreed about the customer support. The family has a variety of Dell computers and in the past they have stated that calling customer support is like calling a random person in another country who speaks broken English. The passing off is frustrating too. Hopefully you get your new computer soon.

    Some of their PC's run essentially forever though. My father has an old Dell desktop (forget the model) that has been running for 24 hours a day for the past 5.5 years. I guess it is luck of the draw.

    One major issue I have with Dell is in concern to their printers. The ones the family has bought over the years barely make it over a year and then you have to pitch them as if they were junk. There goes $200 out the door per printer, not to mention ink costs.
  4. Try calling HP, Acer (Gateway, eMachines) or Toshiba! You'll being loving Dell after dealing with those companies.
  5. Agree there, at least in regard to HP. Calling them is like calling a brick wall- it's pointless. Thank god they make a decent printer though, as the ones I have (HP) have always worked well. Their PC's and laptops on the other hand...not so much.
  6. You must have an old HP printer. Their new ones are junk and the software is bloated bug ridden code.
  7. My favorite is my color laser jet 3700n. While randomly browsing ebay one day I found it for $26. Of course, you would think that there is a catch with that price and there was, it was pickup only. However, the pickup location was just 40 minutes away. Great find. Low page count, doesn't burn through the toners, no issues, etc... By far my best purchase on ebay ever.
  8. I have found over the years, as Grumpy referred, HP printers are subject to the lamest imaginable hardwired driver issues. Avoid.

    Speaking of the Grump.

    I rear-ended a car this morning...I could tell it was going to be a
    REALLY bad day! The driver got out of the other car, and he was a DWARF!!
    He looked up at me and said, "I am NOT Happy!"
    So I said, "Well, then... which one ARE you?"
    That's how the fight started...
  9. LMAO :lol:
  10. I hate dell, I had my dell *alienware* pc for 12 months, in those 12 months been repair 11 times. Not worth my money, still have issue with it. replace motherbored frist week of owning it as found was seconedhand motherbored that was already damage, replace powersupply as one they put in was to weak to run the system. Graphics card three times, ati just crap. burn out issue, hardly use my pc for gaming mostly for photoshop. This ment to be top gamign rig when do play a game it has fits and crashs. Hardrvie replace once.
    CUstomer service just bad, want to hear about how to save the eviroment i would listen to bullcrap our goverment spit out.

    I pay allot for this pc as didnt want hassel of building one, i've spent near £600 in replacing parts should had in it to begin with, dell wouldnt own up for that mistake.
    Dell cant count as on my paper work say i7...this has i5..last time i went to school i learn to count, dell staff aparntly never did.
    When ask them about warrntry before the repairs they came out with most awfull excuses not to uphold there warrnty which soon went though trading standerds had headach till they came out did the frist repairs in which guy forge my signature on docments..

    Yes, dell enginer forge my sig on paperwork sayign he replace a heatsink..aparntly heatsink is a hardrive -facepalm- also replace parts he never put in. Fact he couldnt spell my name correctly made more epic.

    My advise stay away from dell, goign about takign them to court for forge signature, there ment be professioanl company, not bunch of cowboy tech guys.

    Doing reserch this not frist case of forge signatures, as well with motherboreds being eitherold, to weak for the pc or just seconed hand, seem to be trap loop to get cusomtor who fall out the grantee/warrnety secontion to pay out for new motherbored which shoudl been in there in the frist place.

    What sad is, Trading standerds has this on there records now of them, they seme not surpised either when i did report it, go figure.

    Dell use to be respectful company in pc worlds, now just worse companys out there. Alienware before dell own it were perfect even dell was back in it day. now dell own ailenware gone down the drain in heat of flames.

    Dell is the new legendary sokda car, back when sokda was crap car they were blunt of jokes such as "why sokda had rearwindow heating, keep your hands warm while pushing it" now with dell it is "What call dell pc that boot up with a crash, bloody works for once"

    After all this headach dealing with dell dimwitted staff, just going build my own. lest know it will bloody work.
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