Old AMD 64X2 3800 vs X25200 vs C2D?

If, for example, I wanted to upgrade my AMD X2 3800 to an AMD X2 5200 for more L2 cache and more speed and just for the sheer money burning geekiness of it, would I notice that much of a speed increase of the 5200 over my present 3800?

Would this just be a drop in on my current ASUS A8N5X mobo or would I have to get a new mobo?

Or should I just get a new Intel C2D and a suitable mobo for it?

I know it's probably not the most practical, logical, necessary or cost effictive thing to do, but what the heck, who here always does the most practical thing anyway.

I'm running this mostly for online stock and currency trading with lots of mostly 2D charts and graphics. And endless net surfin'.

Asus A8N 5X
AMD X2 3800
2 gig Corsair XMS2048 3200
PNY Quadro NVS 440 PCIEX 16 (Can run 4 monitors from 1 slot)
WD Caviar SE16 2500KS
Samsung 16X DVD+R DVD
Samsung 1.44 3.5 floppy
Cooler Master RS 450 in a Cooler Master Centurion 5CAC-T05
Logitech X-230 32 Watts RMS 2.1 Speakers-OEM
2 AGM CW 19" wide screen monitors
MS XP Pro - NOD 32

And I'm connected to Charter Broadband @ 5000/500kbps (supposedly, usually around 4700/490)
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  1. Your motherboard is socket 939. That Athlon X2 would be socket AM2. So it'll take a new motherboard and ram either way (Intel or AMD).
  2. Thanks Cheese and Hades for the quick and informative and intelligent replies.

    I wasn't sure about the cpu/mobo compatability.

    I'll just wait for 6 months or a year and go C2D or see what's happening then. It's not like I need to change now, my puter is still pretty fast and much better than the old laptop.

    Besides, it was my first build and a fun and confidence building and learning experience.
  3. as for a drop in upgrade, you could get a opteron 165 which is a s939 and would bump you to 2 meg of cache, and then overclock. most people seem to be able to hit 2.5-2.9 with it.

    Any of these should work..

    ...or here...
  4. Thanks Dirian for the informative reply.

    What's the difference between L1 and L2 cache?

    Is an Opteron noticeably faster than an X2? Is there really that much point or that much difference between and X2 and an Opteron?

    Or should I just wait 6 months or a year and go C2D?

    It's not like I really NEED to do this right now, but like many others here, I'm probably a speed or performance junkie with too much time on my hands.
  5. you could probably do some overclocking with your current system for a little performance boost. there will be a difference between opteron and x2, especially if you overclock the opteron. as far as waiting, if you are going to wait for 6 mo to a year isnt to bad an idea as amd will have their next chip out and intel will be rolling out their 45nm chips.
  6. Wow, thanks Jack. Great explanation. Thank you very much.

    I can wait 6 months to see whats coming down the pike.
  7. For your current usage, it seems that other than an OC for performance, you can also do a clean format and reinstallation to make things speedy and last you another year until the all the new tech comes out and prices drop. Your usage doesn't require really powerful hardware so its better to wait it out till further price cuts and save your hard earned $$.
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