Seagate 750 Gig hard drive security locked!! Help!

I upgraded one of my computers from XP pro SP2 to Vista Home Premium and my Seagate 750 GB hard drive does not show up anymore in My Computer! Bios shows it but the partitions dont show up. And Seagate tools says its Security Freeze Locked! How do I go about unlocking it?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. i was only briefly skimming over this, after a quick search on google, but, this article seems to contain the info about how to solve the problem with a security locked hdd, and why it would happen to begin with

    hope this helps
  2. Thanks for the info. Too bad the part where the boot cd is is in German!
  3. i guess this might not be much help... but, there are always online translators that can be used..
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