Windows 2000 Professional Installation Dilemma

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Am new to Win 2000 Pro but not to computers. Trying to install onto
old homebrew computer built on Shuttle HOT-661 (v1.1) MOBO. This has
the Intel BX chipset. Operating with 256M of memory and a Celeron 400
(for now). Video is slow old AGP, probably 2x. Hard drive starts out
from scratch with a single partition. There is no dual boot or
anything fancy.

The procedure is unremarkable at first. I can boot directly to the
installation CD or try the install from floppies - either way the same
problem eventually reveals itself:

Setup first appears to load some software, perhaps drivers, into RAM.
It then does a quick analysis and proceeds to copy a large group of
files to my IDE hard drive. All this is very smooth.

Finally, it directs me to remove any floppy which might be present. A
red bar appears which leads to a restart of the computer.

My first assumption, which I hope is correct, is that at this restart
point setup intends (i.e., wishes) to re-boot from the hard drive.
Everything I am doing assumes this. Have not made provision or
accomodation for a boot from floppy or from CD at this point.

Anyway, this is where things go south. The computer tries to boot
from the hard drive, the light comes on even, but nothing happens.
There is no message, there is no progress; there is just silence and
everything hangs with the HDD access light glowing continuously.
That's the end.

Have looked at the hard drive contents. There is a single folder
named (I think) "WINNT".

Booting has never been an issue on this computer in the past . . never
a problem. Anything is possible, but I do not smell a hardware
failure. Have tried to tweak several BIOS settings without really
knowing where the critical issue might be. There were no differences
and no boot upon attempted restart regardless any BIOS changes I made.

Also tried to "repair" my (albeit incomplete) installation, but no
luck as I do not have the emergency floppy. Assume one creates this
floppy AFTER installation is complete. The repair option on the
installation CD could not cope with the dilemma . . . . said to try
the emergency floppy.

Also tried for installation using both FAT 32 and NTFS (these were
different tries). Results did not vary and everything hung quietly
when re-start point was reached.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions which might help me, I surely
would be grateful to hear 'em. Thanks.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup (More info?)

    Frank Walker wrote:


    > If you have any thoughts or suggestions which might help me, I surely
    > would be grateful to hear 'em. Thanks.

    Long post. But did not see anything about disabling
    anti-virus in the bios setup. Is it disabled?
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