e6300 core 2 duo vs AMD 64x2 4600

I am looking to build a Mid/Highend range gaming PC in March. What processor is the best value?

Core 2 Duo e6300 conroe on a P975 board?


AMD 64x2 4600 chip on a AM2 board?

I want the best bang for the buck.
Both of these chips are around the same price.
Somewhere around $180

Why doesn't Tom's Hardware have the e6300 listed on their CPU benchmark charts? I wish I could compare the performance of the two.

Yes, I heard the core duo you can over clock it to the max. But how easy is it to over clock? I have never done it before.
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  1. Neither, get an E4300, $170, pretty much as fast as the E6300.
  2. The X2 4600+ is faster. If you plan to overclock, then the E6300 is the way to go.
  3. I just now checked out the e4300 on new egg. I am glad you told me about it.

    One thing I don't understand. I see a lot of quotes where people with intel chips can not get the front side bus up to 800mhz.

    Like one post for the e4300 on new egg says he can only get the FSB up to @345mhz. Why is that? Why is it so hard to get a FSB to run at full 800mhz speed?

    I am not very knowledgable in this area. I have only done AMD builds.
  4. you have to multiply the 345 X 4 to get the FSB. in your post.

    for a 800MHz FSB the actual setting is 200MHz.

    If you decide to build a low end system be sure to get an AMD processor to help keep them in bussiness so that Intel won't raise their chip prices. :wink:
  5. Then.... Say if a Buy a e4300 chip along with a P975 Motherboard.

    Will the motherboard automatically recognize the chip and have the mother board run at 800mhz? Or is that something you have to change in the bios when you first get a mobo to make sure it will run at it's advertised speed?
  6. Is there a audible difference in chips?

    My current computer has a Pentium 4 2.4 ghz processor.

    And I can HEAR it also. Every time it processes something I can hear this faint rapid clicking.

    My wife's AMD athlon 2700 does not do that at all. It is silent as can be.

    Do the e4300's and the e6300's make noticable sound? It is really annoying.

    Or maybe this issue is just isolated to my dell or the Pentium series of chips.
  7. CPU's don't make noise. The clicks you hear are prolly the HD's when it is being accessed.

    Only real noise that may come from the CPU, is the CPU Fan for the HS.
  8. A CPU could make noise, if you pumped like 50,000w through it i bet it would make some noise.

    When you say "P975" do you mean 975X or P965? Both chipsets are awesome, but i like P965 better. Hence my mobo.
  9. Quote:
    A CPU could make noise, if you pumped like 50,000w through it i bet it would make some noise.

    Yeah, you'd have to be pretty damn deaf not to hear the lightning streaking across your room.
  10. Lol, your computer would turn into a screwy Tesla coil.
  11. Yep, just like the ones from Red Alert 2.

    I shudder to think what would happen if you put that kind of wattage through a Prescott.
  12. Quote:
    CPU's don't make noise. The clicks you hear are prolly the HD's when it is being accessed.

    Only real noise that may come from the CPU, is the CPU Fan for the HS.

    Actually my Pentium 560 sucked so bad that I could hear it. It sounded like BM laughing at me. I upgraded to my ES6700 and sound hasn't came back since. :wink:
  13. Quote:
    I shudder to think what would happen if you put that kind of wattage through a Prescott.

    I bet the processor would just melt, along with the mobo. I wonder if its even feasible to pump that much power through a processor? You would probably have to get like 30 generators to work along side the total power output for all the houses in a 4 block area.

  14. Melt? You're joking right? An ice cube will melt. A Prescott will skip a few states of matter and become a neutron star.

    On a more realistic note, pumping that much wattage through a processor is definitely not feasible. The chip's made out of silicon - not even a full conductor. It'll melt in an instant.
  15. Thats why you go to Antarctica where its like -58c then use like liquid carbon or something to cool it. You would have to put the pc in somekind of crazy chamber to get the pressure up to 4000 Megapascals to use liquid carbon, but still. Your not going to find another liquid thats -4273c.
  16. Some current leakage at the gates could be expected.

    As for the OP: Get an Intel system or wait until AMD has something out worth getting. K10 is still just smoke and mirrors right now, if I wanted to go the AMD route I would wait and make sure there will be an AMD route worth taking. 45nm Penryn is not that far behind K10 also. Who knows, maybe K10 will have a 3-5 month life cycle and become the next AMD X2 thang.

    Ask anybody here for a benchmark on the K10 or a release date.
  17. Liquid carbon exists above 3000 C. It is one of the most heat-resistant substances known to man. Doubt you'd want to use that to cool a CPU.

    What you're looking for is liquid He or N. And no, the CPU still won't survive 50,000 watts.
  18. OK, make a new processor, out of diamond or tungsten, or something. Then try it. It would probably wouldnt work for sh*t since tungsten and diamond are crappy conductors, but still, wouldnt melt. As fast.
  19. yea i feel sorry for the 2 people who put amd for votes, the e6300 beast the x2 4600, the e4300 dosnt, but considering u can jus stock oc it to do better then the e6300 and its going to be dirt cheap, yes either way u go its a better choice
  20. Quote:
    the memory speed = 2 x 267 or 667 MHz (DDR2-667).

    Not to nit pick or anything, but DDR2 667 actually runs at 333. You should have said 533, not 667.
  21. Quote:
    A CPU could make noise, if you pumped like 50,000w through it i bet it would make some noise.

    When you say "P975" do you mean 975X or P965? Both chipsets are awesome, but i like P965 better. Hence my mobo.

    :lol: . o O (I think anything would make a certain noise if you pumped 50,000watts through it)
  22. Yeah, the sound of burning wood and flesh as you dash out of your burning house with thousands of dollars of computer stuff and your cat in your arms.
  23. Yeah, and the electricity company is going to rape your bank account, not only for the 50000W but also for plunging half the country into darkness...

    Poor cat.
  24. I am glad you clarified that.

    The original post confused the h3ll out of me.

    I could not figure out how 267 + 267 = 667
  25. Quote:
    Poor cat.

    Hell, if i had a cat (im moving so i can acutally get one now) and my house was on fire, i would protect the cat first and me second. For a human, fully dressed, ect. the worst that could happen (your hauling ass to get out of the house, so there arent burning beams or anything falling in your way.) would be 2nd degree burns on the chest, face, and head. The worst that could happen to a cat would be all its hair going up in flames and it burning to death. I mean, in my new house i could either just dive out my bedroom window (only like 3ft to the ground) or run outside from the backdoor (about 50ft from my room). For a cat it could just run around, throwing itself against the glass of a window or something trying and failing to get out.

    Although if its the apt im in now ill just run out, screw the cat. I jump out my bedroom window and i crash through some crazy, 100yr old, not safe at all plate glass, then fall 20ft into the rest of the broken glass, ferns and crap, and probably bricks and stuff. I go out my back door and i have to go through the kitchen then into some crazy tool closet that has god knows what kind of flamable or otherwise hazardous material, then out another door. Or i jump through pretty much floor to ceiling windows in the den made of the same 100yr old unsafe, probably leaded, plate glass.

    I put way to much thought into this post.
  26. Your apartment number doesn't happen to be 403 by any chance, does it?

    And I want a cat too, but my roommate thinks it'll be too much trouble... heck he's probably right.
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    You could cover your roommate in 20,000 pound epoxy while hes sleeping then pour cat hair all over him. Wouldnt be the same as a real cat, and he would probably sue you, but still.

    I want a liger, or a tigon, either one would work. Or just a normal cat... Although it would probably get eaten by a bear or something at my new place, a liger would do the eating.
  28. Wow, you're pretty random guy.
  29. Its probably from all the toxic crap ive inhaled from the various bombs and crap ive made from fireworks, and gun powder. Its fried my brain. Or maybe from the 30 some electrolytic capacitors i broke open and screwed with before i knew what was in them.
  30. The highest priority for a good gaming machine isn't extra cpu power. That's the 3rd priority (still important, but 3rd -- presuming you got at least a dual core!). The 1rst priority is high gpu power.

    So probably in the upper range of what you might consider is an 8800GTS with perhaps even 640MB ddr3 like this:

    that's about $400 though, and so you could re-use an old card and wait for the ATI competition to improve things in about 4 months, or perhaps you'd even think what is the best $250 or $300 card I can get, if you feel stapped for cash. In which case, just look in Tom's Hardware guide for the latest review (Jan I think).

    But a mistake would be to plan to make due for the long run a graphics card that costs less than twice what your cpu does, generally.

    On the much less important 3rd priority, neither choice is bad. The Intel 4300 has immediate advantages. The AMD AM2 boards will have the fun adventure of future chips you can plug in them that may have exceptional performance that current Intel chipset boards won't ever match, maybe, so it's not a bad platform at all.

    (oh, and the 2nd priority is 2 gigs of ram, and don't sweat the ddr 800 vs 667, since the price difference is now small. go 800).
  31. Has anyone checked out New Egg today?

    AMD just had a MAJOR price drop.
    The AMD 64x2 4600 is now down to $125!!!

    The 4200 dropped down to $108!
    and the 3800 is now under $100!

    I wonder if they did this in anticipation of Intel's possible price cuts in April?

    Or if they are just hurting so bad for new orders that they had to do something to get people buying again.

    These are great values!
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