Help me to decide a good and with best value PSU

Anyone see a good PSU and having best value right now?

My PSU just dead today and I need to change a new one. 350-500w will be good enough.

Is this the best deal around right now?

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  1. Forton makes good stuff so i would say thats a good pick.
  2. I found this.

    The Reviews are quite good too. and there is 10 dollar rebate. which make it 29.99, It's almost half the price of the FSP.

    Should I pick that?
  3. The Forton is way better because it has more AMPs on the +12v rail. I have never used thermaltake products so i really can't give an objective view. but spec wise the forton is way better.
  4. I checked on both the +12volt rails and they are both 18amps.

    I plan to upgrade my graphic card to ATI X1950pro which the website says it need 30amp assuming its running at 100%

    Both the PSU I mentioned therefore can't use the X1950pro? Am I missing something?
  5. The thing that you're missing is that the Fortron has 2 rails instead of one. Now i'm pretty sure that the Fortron can run a x1950pro but idk if others agree
  6. I have 1 more question.

    Most of the motherboard is using 24pin power pin.

    Should I worry about the FSP having only 20pin?

    Which type of motherboard doesn't run by using 20pin only power supply?

    I know right now my ECS motherboard have 24pin power pin but it is working with the 20pin power supply.
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