Coolermaster CM stacker EVO or Antec p180?

Which would you choose?
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  1. the stacker is more the double i lov that case - if you spending $300 i would get a lian li

    in fact i would get a koolance system they start at $310 for 700w

    nvidia case is "sick" as the kids say at the ski hills!
  2. lian li's have good build but i like the stacker = better looking :)
  3. the p180 doesnt have much cons to it, and isnt as quiet as you might think ( unless im expecting to much).

    careful with the aluminium sides/front etc cause if your hands are oily etc it will totally kill the look. otherwise i love the top fan, the look and feel of it. has enough room for anything and if your gonna try fitting a 8800gtx, youll need to take the hdd bays out. simple and easy.

    oh and the psu is at the bottom = wiring to the top. may be a little bit of a hassle, but if you dnt got patience, dnt get a computer at all :wink:

    hope it helpd. 8O
  4. I recently went from the P180 to the CM832. Both are quality cases, but I wanted more cooling and more space to work with for future upgrades. I think its hard to compare the two cases because they are targeted for different purposes. P180 is more for quieter computing, but trying not to sacrifice cooling. Whereas, the stackers are quality cases built towards cooling. I was afraid that with all the additional fans that my stacker would be loud, but it is still very tolerable.
  5. nice post!
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