Trying to oc cpu but mobo is holding me back A8N-LA

I got an Hp a1450n a year back with an x2 4200 on an A8N-LA mobo. Ive been trying to over clock the cpu but have had no luck so far
I read somewhere that the bios is what is holding me back. A bios flash seems like the only option but the problem is that i cant find an alternative bios for this mobo. I was wondering whether anyone knows anything about the A8N-LA and how i can over clock the cpu.

thanks, Mike
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  1. The BIOS is locked in all HP computers. The same goes for most DELL models (the high end ones have unlocked BIOS's I think) and Gateway models (again Gateway is introducing overclocking options in their newer computers). I doubt that you will be able to flash the bios successfully on the HP computer. I was actually looking for something similar myself, but all the flashing options carried a great deal of risk and a small chance of success...
  2. crap, i was hoping to oc it, o well thx for the help. :cry:
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