PLEASE HELP!! ATI Hardware Failure!!

Hello everyone,
I've recently bought a new ATI X800XT PCI-E Graphics card and I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to work.

After I inserted it into my motherboard and connected it to the power supply, I turned on my computer and it said "You have not connected the power cable to your video card". I have tried many times to work it with no luck. I'm pretty sure it's getting power because the fan on the card spins when i turn the computer on.

It worked okay the first two times I tried it about 2 weeks ago, but when i tried today, it got that error message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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  1. What are the power specs on your power supply?
  2. Is it properly attached ?

    Due you have enough power ?

    what other components due you have in you system ??

    Configuration :?
  3. Hey, thanks for the replys guys.

    Im not too good with the power supply stuff, but on the power supply it says:

    AC Input: 115/230V
    DC Output: 250W

    I live in Australia, and i think we use 240V, so that makes it a bit weird. I have used this power supply with previous motherboards and PC's and has worked fine for a long time plus when I use the onboard display, the power and computer works fine.

    It is properly attached and i only have the motherboard, a harddrive and a few fans besides the graphics card. I tried workin it without the fans but still the same results.

    Thanks for all the help again, i really want this to work.
  4. what they want to know is what the watt output is.

    The info is usually one one side of the power supply unit. You will have to open ur case and check what the total Output is in Watts.
  5. Just from doing a little research I found that the X800XT PCI-E doesn't use that much more than the 75watts the PCI-E slot can provide. However my guess is that with other things in your system(RAM,Mobo,CPU,HD,Fans,lights...etc) you probably just don't have enough juice to run them all, but it'd seem like you'd have enough. ALSO even if you do have enough wattage you might not have enough amperage. You might also try plugging the card into someone elses board that you know has more than enough power just to see if the card even works.
  6. I didn't really understand form your question if you have a power connector on the video card or not. If you do, you must connect a power cable (like the ones for the HDDs, usually) to the video card.
    The fan will run even if you don't connect that cable, because the card also gets power through the PCIe interface.
  7. I'm positive I've connected it correctly. I didn't know the fan would work through the PCI-E. The card does have a power connecter, it's not like the HDD ones, thought it connects to them on the other side of the cable, the side of the cable that goes in to the card, is a square type power cable with only 2 pins being used in it.
  8. Hi again,
    Thanks for all the help you guys, i'm new at this and i'm lovin all the support.

    I was reading throught the ATI manual and in it, it says:
    "ATI recommends a 350 watt power supply or greater to ensure normal system operation where a number of other internal devices are installed."

    my power supply box said DC Ouput: 250W. Do you think that's the problem, is it not enough?

    If thats the case and i had to get a new power supply box, is there such thing as too much output that it would burn or damage any hardware?
  9. No, there's no risk (other than perhaps paying too much) in having a bigger power supply than you need.
  10. I can help if you bought it from ATI directly...let me know.
  11. no sorry, I bought it of eBay. But what difference does it make, how could you have helped me?
  12. Quote:
    no sorry, I bought it of eBay. But what difference does it make, how could you have helped me?

    Cheap PSU and a crappy ebay item...could be two reasons why it does not work. :idea:
  13. My item is from an eBay store.
    I have bought from this store before as have about 19000 other people and his items are always in top quality. Thanks for the idea anyways...

    I'm starting to think its my power box not giving enough output Watts, so the crappy PSU could be it...but still before i go and buy a new one, anyone else have any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance...
  14. 250w is WAY TO LOW!

    go get yourself a new psu and it will work fine. not a crappy one but a decent 400w psu is what you should buy.

    i recomment FSP (fortron group) psu`s since they are not to expensive and have very good quality and are pretty silent.
  15. Thanks alot meljor, that was exactly what i was hoping to hear because i just didn't want to believe it was a bad graphics card.

    I'll go and buy a new PSU, hopefully will have it by next weekend.

    Thanks alot you guys for all the help and hopefully i'll do the same for you one day.

    Cheers :)
  16. Going to the AMD site, found the following information:

    • 128 MB of system memory; 256 MB or more for best
    • Motherboard with free PCI Express™ slot and correct
    PCIe chipset driver.
    • CD-ROM drive (for installation software).
    • PCI Express™ compatible system with a specialized
    12v graphics card power connector. 350 watt or
    greater power supply recommended. Consult your
    computer system manual to ensure the power supply
    is designed to accommodate a high-end graphics card
    with a peak dissipation above 75 watts.

    Your power supply (250Watt) based on ATI recommendations is below the recommended (350 Watt).

    Additionally, did you plug in the extra power supply connector (4 pin floppy power connection) on the rear edge top on the video card?
  17. Stop using it *now* - the power drain will probably be dragging the power supply out of limits and could cause damage to other equipment.

    Buy a better PSU. Not just a 350W one either, buy one with some headroom, and make sure it's a decent brand.
  18. mkaibear is right. Just because on paper, you have enough power, does not mean you have enough. as a general rule, never load a power supply over 80% of rated capacity. This is what my brother tells me and he does electrical work for a living (I kinda figure he knows what he is talkin 'bout)

    You could cause overheating and probable PSU failure, fire, low voltage damage..... Or, it might work. Sounds to me like you are not in the might work area and should look for an alternative in the PSU area. 400 watt PSU are fairly cheap, and I always like to have bigger than I would ever want to have (however, a 1000 watt unit does not make since for a 300 watt system which is what yours sound like it is approaching)
  19. Quote:
    mkaibear is right. Just because on paper, you have enough power, does not mean you have enough. as a general rule, never load a power supply over 80% of rated capacity.

    That's because most power supplies have only an 80% effeciency rating. The highest I've seen is 85% and usually the 750-1000w power supplies run at about 75% effeciency.
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  21. ATI and Nvidia can charge what they want. If people are stupid enough to buy direct without looking elsewhere, that's their problem. I'm sure you're just looking out for everyone's best interests... :roll:
  22. excellent point. I never looked at it that way. I guess there is no relationship between what you pay on e-bay and through distributers. I gues its ok for the manufacturers to get together and hold prices high and screw people who think they are getting a deal on e-bay because they bought below the direct manufac price. Brilliant.
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  25. Hi again guys

    Alright...i got a new PSU with a 550W output and i still get the "you have not connected the power cable to your graphics card" error message on boot up...I do'nt know what to do anymore, I'm outta ideas, i was sure it was just the PSU.

    Any ideas out there? I could use anything...thanks again in advance...

    Do you think it could be the cable that connects the PSU molex cable to the graphics card? could it be that the cable is not transfering the power?
  26. Try using a different cable, otherwise the graphic card might be defective.
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