Under Performing Core 2

About a month ago I put together the following system:

Core 2 E6700
GA-965P-DQ6 Rev 2.0
Gigabyte 8800GTX
2x 1GB Transcend DDR2 800 Jet RAM
500W PSU

I recently benchmarked this system with 3D Mark 06 and found that my CPU score was only 1054 when everything that I have read should put it around 2300.

Does anyone have some suggestions about what I can do to get the CPU to perform properly?

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  1. Hi!

    I wouldn't have said that 3D Mark was the best benchmark to test your CPU. Have you tried using something like SuperPi to bench it, and seeing the results you get from it?

  2. I ran SuperPi and it did the 32MB test in 22min 47sec but I was using the computer while it was running so this time seems to be about what you would expect from an E6700. Before I did this test I reloaded the Optimal settings for the BIOS and when I ran 3D Mark 06 again the CPU score jumped to 1400, still about 1000 off the expected mark. Is there any particular reason for this.

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