Iiyama LCD 4637UT and 4611 vs. NEC 1850SE

Hi guys, I went to my local Computer Center, and what do I see? Yes, the two new Iiyama 4637UT and 4611... The first one has a very good design and soft colors. The latter is ulky, but with brighter colors
I ran on these screens MadOnion sthg demo, and I could not see any of the faults we are all speaking about. Images were crisp, there was no motion fuzziness. The colors were superb. The NEC being it seemed a little brighter though. Another advantage is the NEC was accepting as well 1600x1200. But otherwise it looked great.

So tell me: is there anything I have missed?
Are they good enough?
Should we wait for new Sharp with 10bit definition and the new Viewsonic with 10ms refresh rate to be released?

Best regards...

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  1. Has anybody seen these screens?
  2. I would go wtih Iiyama's LCD. My friend have one and it looks great but I forget what model he have.
  3. Viewsonic 10 ms response time lcd? Where'd you hear this?

    My frog asked me for a straw...dunno what happened his ass all over the place :eek:
  4. I've just bought the Iiyama 4637UT and it not only looks good, the performance is pretty good too. I find no evidence of ghosting in RTCW, for example. In photoshop, however, there is clear banding in single colour fades. DVD's are fantastic. No dead pixels either, so I can recommend this monitor with only the proviso regarding Photoshop.
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