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I'm forming a group of individuals who may have purchased from Nvidia or ATI directly w/o going through a reseller or distributer. It's possible there may have been some improper pricing that has taken place. anyone who thinks they may have bought a card from either company in the last couple of years please let me know.
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  1. Um...Since theres a post almost exactly like (although the other posts are about flash memory.) this in a bunch of forums im going to call it spam...
  2. I'm not sure which group I should be posting in. I'm sorry if I broke some sort of rule. It appeared that the the diff groups I posted in were appropriate.
  3. Yeah, double posting is frowned apon. You put this thread in the right section though.

    And ive noticed that what you say is true. On ati/amd's site a 1950pro costs $250, on newegg the same card can be had for as low as $164, different brand, but the same card.
  4. actually----I'm working on 2 differen't cases ( I'm an atty in philadelphia) inwhich the manufactureres of flash memory and the makers of graphics cards have been messing w/ pricing. I'm looking for assistance from anyone who has bought these products from the manufacturer. It's an anti-trust is what stops the manufact. from ripping people off. have you noticed how the prices have not been dropping the way they perhaps should? hopefully someone can help. let me know what you think...ok?
  5. Do you have any idea of how i can find someone who has been ripped off by buying directly from the ati/amd site. thanks ?
  6. Cant say that i can, if you an uber hacker you could steal all the order records from ati/amd. :D

    I dont think your going to find to many people who have ordered directly from ati or nvidia here, most of us know better and order from sites like Newegg and Zipzoomfly.
  7. thanks anyway......if you hear of anyone who bought even one it would be greatly appreciated if you could pass them along to me. thanks again and sorry about the multiple postings.
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