Antec 180 & some guidance needed...

What did you install first?PS or MOBO...I'm using a Tuniq Tower and I know to install it to the board first and the ram,but do I install the board or ps first?Any shortcuts or tips are appreciated.This is my first put together in several yrs and w/the 180 and the Tuniq it looks a little complicated.Sure don't want to screw this up.
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  1. Install the heatsink and processor outside of the case, then put in the motherboard. It's easier to put in the motherboard first since you dont have the power supply cables hanging around the case.
  2. Agreed. Install it on cardboard outside the case first. Watch out no free metal touches the motherboard though!

    Also, try to figure out how/where your cables will go.....the P180 is an amazing case but it's also difficult for cable management. Spend some time tinkering with where all your cables will go (use zip ties!! Tie them down out of the way!) and you'll be happier with the end product.
  3. With the P180 putting the PSU in a bottom compartment you can install the MB first or the PSU first. But if you do the PSU first just dont feed the cables up into the MB area until you install the MB.
    I was able to run some of the power cables behind the MB tray and over the top or around the sideto hide them out of the way. Some just made it.

    I'd do the MB first and then the PSU. Then take your time planning how to route the cables... I'd feed one cable one way and then it would hit me that if I ran it another way it would be better (not blocking something else ie another cable, fan, or to close to the back of a drive).
  4. What SkyGuy said. Spend time with with the cable management and those extra 10 or 20 minutes or whatever will pay off in the long run.

    Personally, I installed the mobo first then the PSU.
  5. depends, if you have a modular PS, then you are good to go, be careful with the p180 though.... if you use a large cpu cooler, you might have to connect the P4 connector to the motherboard BEFORE you put the board in the case as on most boards the P4 connector is waaaaay up on the top left... make sure your P4 connector is at LEAST 24 inches long
  6. I had to install the Tuniq Tower outside of the case.

    Mobo/PSU installation order doesn't matter really.

    However, that 8-pin mobo power supply on the upper rear corner is tough to route and install once the mobo is in place. It tightly goes over my 8800 then around the Tuniq Tower. I wish I had a little extension for it. I saw some on the web... but I won't place an order just for that.

    The other annoying thing is my DVD drive uses a flat wide IDE cable. I wish it used a slim SATA cable like the disk drives.

    I've put my two HDs in the lower cage. I don't have a floppy (what a relief!).

    My uppper and middle cages are empty. I plan on putting 120mm quiet fans in both the middle and upper cage.

    The Tuniq Tower comes with a rheostat which I installed in the slot just above the 8800. However, the tri-cool fans that come with the P180 can't be connected to the mobo chassis fan connectors. They come with a L-M-H switch. You have to open the case however if you want to change the speed.

    The P180 is great. Much quieter than my old Sonata. (I put a Seasonic Energy+ 650W in it... quietest PSU I ever dealt with. It's amazing.)

    Can't wait for the HR-03+ to come out so I can change the cooler on the 8800. Also I want to change my 3 tri-cool fans... wanna buy fans that can be connected to a fan controller, so when I overclock the system for games I can increase the fan speeds, and when I bring the clock back to stock (for non-gaming lol) I can lower the fan speeds.
  7. NOCTUA. Noctua 120mm @ 1200rpm. THE. BEST. FANS.

    Cool, push alot of air, and absolutely silent. And I mean silent. ;)

    Very high quality, sleeved cables, can hook up to a Molex or a 3-pin header of a fan controller...which is exactly what I've done.

    I'm gonna be posting some pics soon of my cabling job and they'll show the Noctua's as well.

    And FYI, you can control the speed of the Tri-Cools from outside the case. Set them to High and then hook them up to a fan controller. You might need the cable converter though.

    The Noctua fans come with all the stuff you'll ever need though. A bit more expensive, but they'll last forever. Best fans I ever owned. Check my sig ;)
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