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I am on a Local Area Network. My LAN Administrator has given me a VPN Server IP(, through which i can connect to the Internet, using a VPN Dialer. Bandwidth is restricted to 8 KB/s on each VPN Account. If i have 2 VPN accounts, i made 2 Dialers (which dial to Each of the dialers is assigned the respective accounts.when i connect both the dialers, they connect me to the internet, but I am still restricted to 8 KB/s.
Now the Question is, Is there any way to combine the bandwidth of both VPN Connections, getting 16 KB?
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  1. Hello there,

    It would help to know what sort of VPN solution you are using. There are so many of them and they behave so differently, that the answer might be yes or no depending on what you are running.
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