Running DDR2 Memory at lower voltage

Im in the middle of buying new components for my next build. Ive already got my motherboard, a MSI K9A Platinum, and hoping to buy RAM soon.

Im hoping to get 2GB OCZ GOLD pc6400,

but my question is this:

The board supports RAM voltages from 1.8v to 2.3v, but defaults to 1.8v unless it's changed, and the OCZ ram starts at 1.95v. Once it boots i can change it in the BIOS, but will I be able to get the machine to start in the first place.

P.S. It's on special offer at the moment and selling fast, so if i want it I need to grab it quick.
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  1. It should work, but if it doesn't, you should be able to return it for replacement as defective. OCZ seems to have a higher rate of such situations as it emphasizes performance over compatibility.
    This post may help explain the situation:
  2. Also, if you have memory from your previous build, you can stick that memory in. You would then be able to boot to the bios and change the voltage manually. Then save the bios and put your OCZ sticks in, therefore your sticks will be booting at 1.95V.
  3. I am running the OCZ golds at the moment, and when I first turned the system on, it ran fine at stock voltages and stock speeds. when you need the higher volts is when you push the memory to its faster settings. should work fine for yas unless the mobo decides to go of SPD settings w/o boosting the voltages. :evil:
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