How to prepare for an 8800gtx OC rig?

Hi, new trying to build a kickass yet upgradable rig.

8800gtx for solid gaming on a 20" lcd

680i for future x16 SLI usage and future quad cpu

E6300 or E6600 for now

Questions: What level of RAM (2GB) will I need to run my future SLI system OCed? I want to go ahead and get the sufficient RAM now. What is the use of more than 2 PCIe slots in these 680i mobos? Yes, would like to use two monitors for gaming at some point.

Has the usefullness of 680i in SLI mode been witnessed yet?

More questions later, as I'm posting from my Wii, which is terribly difficult w/o a keyboard.

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  1. Put another way, what will my bottlenecks be in the future, and which current mobo/ram combos can I be looking at to avoid them?

    The end goal, I suppose, is to run the two 8800s OCed with the best CPU current 775s can utilize. Does this make sense?

    Also still confounded by all the extra PCIe pipeline available on the high-end boards.

  2. Well theres really no such thing as future proof in the computer industry because practically every year a new product will be introduced to top another, so anyways onto my advice. Go with an evga 680i,e6400 (only like 15$ more) and Patriot Extreme 2g pc2-6400. If you can get watercooling and if not go with a tuniq tower and o/c the cpu to 3.2/3.6 (depending on setup) also make sure you have a good power supply for all this ocz gamerxstreem 850w would work well :wink: but if i where you i would not go sli, rather just get a superclocked 8800 from evga with the new cooler and a ds3 motherboard cause the 8900's are already being talked about and they look dam good :P
  3. Would it be possible for him (I ask this question for myself as well) to run a single 8800gtx until the 8900's are out, then run the 8800 and 8900 in SLI together?
  4. Normally no, but i hear their are hacks out their that let you do this but the 8800 will only limit your 8900 so might as well just buy another 8800. If you want to do native sli then you must have the same exact gfx cards made by the same company for it to work properly.
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