Integrating the Radeon X1250 graphics processor into the 690 will once again bring us a great option to replace the graphic chip to new updated ones and today was the launch date. Intel is going down I just knew amd was going to pull it off
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  1. well if your this excited about the x1250 on the 690, I cant wait to read your posts when the 700 series drops later this year.

    Ill hold the bag so you dont hyperventilate. :lol:
  2. The amd ICG will be an upgrade for you!
  3. I got a brand new laptop for free with integrated Into 950 graphics.
    I figured it's the newest it should be good(for integrated).
    Then saw a site with benchmarks and that my old ati 400 mobility or something on my old AMD laptop benched higher in 3d mark.
    I haven't tested it yet though only had the thing 2 days and I work a lot.

    It would be sweet though if AMDTI actually started releasing some decent integrated video.
    Because lets admit it as of now we'd all ROFL if a gamer bought integrated/planned on using it.
    It might open up the budget gamer to integrated video systems.
  4. gamer with icg=no hope, but it brings better video/multimedia to the budget user. if u can not afford a gfx card and u want to game to any modern games, do not waste money on this and save for better hardware, this is going to be a lot weaker then the x1300 and we all kno how "well" that card performs. these icgs are better and i like that, but this is no answer for a budget gamer
  5. You do know that this new AMD IGP will be ported to Intel mobos as well, right?

    Also, according to some preliminary benchmarks at hkepc, this new AMD IGP isn't much better gaming-wise over the 6150/6100 IGP from Nvidia. Neither one can play Doom 3 yet. What IS nice about this new IGP is the HDMI and HDCP. I only hope most mobo makers will include these features with their 690G boards, but as is usually the case, they probably won't.
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