High squeaking sound on X-Fi Xtremegamer? help please

Hi, I have an X-Fi XtremeGamer (not the fatal1ty version) that I recently purchased and every once in awhile it will randomly make every sound VERY high and squeaky sounding from boot up. It fixes it after I reboot but it didn't do it for about 2-3 weeks. I suspect that my card is dying but I want to know if anyone thinks differently? I'm a little hesitant to RMA because my Mobo audio is out but if the card is indeed dying I will RMA it.

P4 Prescott
X-fi XtremeGamer
Old, old Asus mATX Board (P4SD-LA Oxford)
Corsair HX520W

Edit: I just noticed that the Bass seems unaffected. I didn't notice it at first because my speakers have horrible bass or the bass is really low. Or both.
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  1. No, I but I'll go and update them if it happens again. That simple solution seems to have slipped my mind :oops:
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