Intel 865 display drivers for windows 7 free download

how to install the intel 865 vga
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    Download from here:
  2. Wow you want to use Windows 7 on a very old motherboard there... better use XP. Sometimes 10 years old technologies go with 10 years old motherboard ^^
  3. Intel does not support the 865 for Windows 7. These older graphics use XPDM drivers and Window 7 likes WDDM 1.1 drivers. You may have luck trying a few diffent things.
    I got Widows 7 working on an old Dell 855 based laptop. Was a pain as i had to install Vista (so you need access to Vista install DVD), then used a driver utility called DriverMax (google it) and extracted the display drivers. Installed Windows 7, then put DriverMax on that install and restored the display drivers.
    Heres a link:

    I also read someplace you can "Add Legacy Hardware" feature in Windows 7 and pick the Intel 965GM - which might get you 1280X800.

    If this is a desktop... can you an a graphics card? But once you start putting $'s into this you might as well get new or newer mainboard.
  4. it isn't there...
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