What do these temps mean about my first build (6700)?

I've just completed building a system with Xeon 3070 and run my first TAT and Orthos tests. I'd appreciate comments on what the temperatures suggest about any problems.

Configuration is:
Xeon 3070 processor
Tuniq Tower, with base lapped to 600 grit
HSF Fan is Scythe S-Flex F (1500 rpm)
TIM is Shin Etsu X23-7783D
2 GB G.Skill DDR2-800 RAM
Asus P5W DH Deluxe BIOS 1602
P180B case
Gigabyte 7600GT fanless
Top and rear case fans are Scythe S-Flex E's (1200 rpm)
Another Scythe S-Flex E in the lower compartment
Almost all BIOS settings are still in their default states; everything is still in Asus' default automatic settings (except for some SATA stuff).

With all fans at max rpm, TAT runs about 56c on each core, with SpeedFan agreeing about the core temperatures and showing CPU (Tcase?) as 41c. At idle, the cores are 42c and CPU 30c. Under Orthos, core temperatures run about 52c and CPU about 45c. It's interesting that CPU temp is higher with Orthos than with TAT, although core temperatures are the other way around. Ambient (room) temperature is around 20-21c. My impression is that the NB is distinctly warm but I don't have any good measurements for it.

How good are these results, given that I have not started any overclocking yet? They seem stable, but higher than I expected.

I have no prior experience with applying TIM, so I am especially uncertain about how good a job I did with that.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Well written. Nice build with attention to detail including X23. Your temps are accurate, which is typical for the 975 chipsets. Thanks for reading the Guide. You're in good shape to OC. I'm interested to know how the X3070 works out for you. Good luck and enjoy your new rig.

    Comp 8)
  2. Thanks for your response.

    I forgot that it takes time for the TIM to reach maximum efficiency. After running Orthos for 14 hours and then rerunning TAT, I found my temperatures were 5c lower. Also found that NB and SB were not blazing hot after running overnight, so I am more comfortable with them too.

    fwiw, most recent test results with ambient=21c are:

    TAT, with fans at 100%: core=50c, CPU=41c. With fans at 70%, core=56c, CPU=46c.

    Orthos, small FFT, with fans at 100%: core=45c, CPU=39c. With fans at 70%, core=50c, CPU=44c.

    Also, fwiw, I find that SpeedFan 4.32 reports core temperatures as 2 degrees lower than TAT, Core Temp, or Everest (those three always agree with each other).

  3. Thanks for the update. Your temps are excellent, and the X23 TIM is simply amazing. Keep in touch, and let me know how your OC develops on the X3070.

    Comp 8)
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