Im a newbie can somebody answer this?

i was looking through my bios today and i stumbled upon a configuration under hyper transport called LDT TO AGP LOKAR (200 400 600 800 1000 auto) , LDT TO AGP LOKAR UPSTREAM *8 bit or 16bit and LDT TO AGP LOKAR DOWNSTREAM 8bit or 16bit

my default setting under that was ldt to agp lokar is at 200 mhz both ldt to to agp upstream/downstream are at 8 bit

my question is what is ldt to agp lokar? should i change it to a higher value? what are the risks?

didnt know to put this in cpu or motherboard subforum sorry if i broke any rules O_O

im currently using

AMD 64 4000 + San Diego
A8V-VM MotherBoard
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    The System Performance option, at the very top of the Advanced Chipset Features menu, controls how aggressively the system sets internal chipset and bus related timings. The Turbo setting is automatically selected when optimized defaults are loaded from the main menu screen. The LDT bus bandwidth is controlled through two options, LDT to AGP Lokar (Upstream) for data going from the chipset to the CPU, and LDT to AGP Lokar (Downstream) for data going from the CPU to the chipset. The LDT to AGP Lokar Frequency option controls the physical speed of the LDT (Lightning Data Transport) bus. In testing, it was found that the speed of the LDT bus remained constant at the MHz rate set in the LDT to AGP Lokar Frequency option when the CPU FSB was raised. Thus, the LDT bus speed appears to be asynchronous to the rest of the system. The LDT bus frequency was measured using the VIA HyperTransport tool, version 1.0. Note that for all LDT bus related settings, the numerically higher value is the more aggressive setting.
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