Hii I need help please

i was looking through my bios today and i stumbled upon a configuration under hyper transport called LDT TO AGP LOKAR (200 400 600 800 1000 auto) , LDT TO AGP LOKAR UPSTREAM *8 bit or 16bit and LDT TO AGP LOKAR DOWNSTREAM 8bit or 16bit

my default setting under that was ldt to agp lokar is at 200 mhz both ldt to to agp upstream/downstream are at 8 bit

my question is what is ldt to agp lokar? should i change it to a higher value? what are the risks?

didnt know to put this in cpu or motherboard subforum sorry if i broke any rules O_O

im currently using

AMD 64 4000 + San Diego
A8V-VM MotherBoard
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  1. Hey Jdm240sx

    This might help a bit...


    Has some info regarding your question.
  2. Upstream and downstream you can safely put them 16bit...as a matter of fact you must have them 16bit for optimum performance. (8bit was the disadvantage of the first nforce3 chipset)

    The LDT TO AGP LOKAR is the HyperTranspot link so you can put it 1000. Older athlons (the 754 socket ones) used to have HT link 800 (200fsb x 4) yours has 1000 (200x5) but just in case your mobo calculates in a different way you can always use auto mode. Also if you overclock the HT link must stay under 1 GHz or it could cause instability. so if your mobo by 1000 means fsbx5 and not 200x5 (meaning it does not lock the HT link in the fixed value) you might want to loosen it a bit (for example if you have the fsb at 220 the HT would be fsb x 5=1100 doing it x4 =880. either way auto mode might be the safest way to go.

    that’s the link with the specifications of your motherboard chipset

    (Sorry for my bad English)
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