Gigabyte DS3, S3, others. Heatpipe Copper Chipset cooler $15

Any way overclocked my C2D e43OO to 3.2Ghz on 1.4V. i added some to the Northbridge, i the other day i touched it to get a general temp feeling. HOLY HELL! that thing was on fire! Kinda made me nervous. So i was ordering some cables from (The only place to shop for cables price wise) and they had a dualheatpipe chipset cooler, all copper. For $15 i said "well hell yeah" and i put it in today. This thing is a dreamboat. It stays nice and cool to the touch. i don't even run the fan i strapped on it. i going to configure it in speedfan somehow, but speedfan is not working with me. anyway this is a great set up for my Ninja cooler too. blows right through. I also put an extra thick exhaust fan on the back so i only need one fan in my system to cool off the rig. my rig is not cool and ridiculously quiet.
pics! Its a picasa web album because they won't let me post pics cause im under 100 posts.

there are the only to links to product info i could find.

Real good construction. The lapping on the base was not great, but slightly
below average, but for chipset, not a big deal.

P.S. i must have gotten the last one in stock at i can't find it listed anymore.
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  1. Hey this is great, thanks for the pics. I was looking to get a cooler for my Northbridge, but I wasn't sure if one would fit with my heatsink (Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro) but it looks like it would fit fine.
  2. dude ares systems are identical! lol
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