has this been asked? wait for opteron price drops

Being that Barcelona is just around the corner, those with s939 maybe should wait a lil to see if the optys lower more in price for a final s939 upgrade. I see this as a low end solution. Will the optys go down in price?
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  1. Personally, I would expect 939 prices to go up not down as supply dwindles. I would get my 939 if I was planning on upgrading the CPU w/o replacing the Mobo.
  2. I have to agree with zenmaster, prices are "about" as low as they are going to get. I was recently in the same position, my system was:

    A64 3800+
    2GB Corsair XMS (a recent upgrade)
    A8N-SLI Deluxe
    2 X 6800GT @410/1125

    I got a combo from TigerD for under $400 which had a cheap MB, a nice case, an FX-60, and a nice 500W PS. Now, since I have my old 1 GB pair from before, I nearly have 2 new computers. In the combo, that FX-60 costs about $250, a price vs. performance that is hard to beat. Not to mention, the FX line is easy to OC, at least to 2.8GHz and maybe 3GHz if you are lucky. It is about equivalent to the top of the line Opty
  3. Yeah, in general for 939, not being produced any more, but about the Optys...? There is their "legacy" program (guarantees that opty chips will continue to be available for old models years later), but I don't know the exact parameters of it.
  4. Not an expert here.
    I presumed all 939s where going away.

    I could easily be wrong about the Optys since they are server chips with long expected life-times. Even so, I would not be surprised to see AMD to start to raise the prices so only folks building servers buy them.

    AMD does not really want to sell these chips for much longer.
    Very soon they will want people to buy their next gen chips to be released shortly. (Server chips are coming before next gen workstation chips.)
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